Ability of Machinery & Equipment in PCC1 TPPS

Meeting the increasing requirements of quality and work progress of projects, PCC-1 TPSalways takes initiative toapproach and invest in modern and synchronous machinery and equipment for production and business. PCC-1 TPS has become one of the pioneers in innovation and technology investment for specialized construction works:

– Vertical, horizontal of Automatic Welding Tanks Machines

– Small Tank Automatic Welding Machine (Lincoln – USA)

– Cutting, Welding AutomaticPiping machines

– Column, beam automatic, welding machine

– Welding gantry Beam machine

– Semi-automatic Welding machines TIG, MIG, MAG

– Automatic bending and beam welding machines.

– 4 rolls plate bending machine CNC AKBEND (Turkey)

– Shape steel bending machine I400 CNC Davi (Italy)

– Hydraulic pressing 800T and Flanging machine for 6m diameter.

– Automatic CNC cutting machine

– 3D automatic drilling and cutting machine

– Automatic shot-blastingSystem

– Hydraulic jack system

– Various kinds of cranes: 45 tons, 25 tons, 20 tons…

– Long heavy vehicle, Tractors, trailers…

– Non-destructive testing equipment: ultrasonic, MT, PT and thickness measurement machine steel and painting.

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